Ratio: 18:10:18 + 2MgO + 15SO3

Type: NPK Granular Slow Release Fertilizer
Packaging: 1kg Pack, 25kg Bag

Granular NPK fertilizer with slow release nitrogen. COMBISLOW 18.10.18+2MgO+ 20SO3 is formulated to provide for immediate availability of nutrients while the slow release of nitrogen from methylene-urea encourages a balance between top-growth and root development together with good nutritional efficiency and a low salinity index.


Ratio: 12:12:17 / 15:05:20

Type: Granular Fertilizer
Packaging: 1kg Pack, 25kg Bag

Multiphoska products are designed to provide high-quality and complete plant nutrition combining all the nutrients necessary for healthy plant growth.

Yara Mila

Type: Granular Complex Fertilizer

YaraMila complex fertilizers contains the most essential plant nutrients – a combination of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) designed to maximize crop yield and quality.

Formulated to meet precise crop requirements, these NPKs are some of the most highly efficient sources of N, P and K available. Each YaraMila particle contains precisely tailored amounts of NPK. So, when accurately applied to a crop, YaraMila fertilizers ensure the accurate, complete addition of these major nutrients.

NPK Ratio: 25:07:07
Packaging: 1kg Pack, 25kg Bag

NPK Ratio: 16:16:16
Packaging: 1kg Pack, 50kg Bag

NPK Ratio: 15:07:20
Packaging: 1kg Pack, 25kg Bag

NPK Ratio: 12:11:18
Packaging: 1kg Pack, 12kg Bag, 25kg Bag

NPK Ratio: 08:24:24
Packaging: 1kg Pack, 50kg Bag


Available Ratios:

Type: Granular Fertilizer
Packaging: 500g Pack, 25kg Bag

Each Osmocote prill is homogeneous, which facilitates uniform, consistent feeding to your plants. Osmocote will help you get healthy, even results. When water penetrates the Osmocote coating, the nutrients dissolve inside the prill, and are then released through the coating for a controlled delivery of nutrition that promotes healthy plant growth.

Plus, since one application will last an entire season, using Osmocote will save you time and money.



Type: Granular Controlled Released Fertilizer
Packaging: 1kg Pack, 25kg Bag

Particularly useful for horticulture, Multi-Teck Controlled Release Fertilizer is manufactured using high quality raw materials.

When Multi-Teck controlled release fertilizers granules are applied to the soil, the coating acts as a semi-permeable barrier that allows continuous release of nutrients to the root zone.